3" Quilted Memory Foam Mattress Topper Flexapedic by Sleep Philosophy BASI16-0546


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The Sleep Philosophy FLEXAPEDIC 3” memory foam mattress topper features a unique design with two separate layers of pressure relieving temperature-sensitive memory foam.
This topper helps to alleviate pressure points as the temperature sensitive foam constantly adjusts to your body temperature. The first layer consists of a breathable 100% rayon circular knit cover that’s filled with 1” of 2.8 pound density memory foam. Under that is the base layer, 2” of 2.5 pound density ventilated memory foam for the ultimate in sleeping comfort.
Our cover features Repel-O-Tex® technology to provide a water repellent and stain resistant surface for unmatched effectiveness in stain removal and protection. Included is Microban® technology to provide an added level of protection against bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains, odors and deterioration. Memory foam is also resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial.
A non-skid backing locks the comforter in place on your mattress. Another key feature is that our topper comes in full mattress sizes to give your bed ‘end to end’ coverage.
Brand: Flexapedic by Sleep Philosophy
Collection: Deluxe
Features: • Unique dual layered design featuring pressure relieving memory foam support
• Repel-o-tex® technology deliveres unmatched effectiveness in stain removal and protection
• Anti bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.
• Non skid backing keeps your topper in place on top of the mattress
Care: Cover: machine washable
Memory foam: spot clean with mild detergent.
Let air dry away from direct sunlight and heat.
Dimensions - 1 Mattress Topper:78"x80"+3"