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Lamporia.com is one of the most trusted family owned home exquisite home furnishings stores in the North America. Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Lamporia's product line ranges from majestic ceiling fixtures, elegant wall sconces and beautiful lamps to Italian upscale leather furnishings, fine wall hangings and elegant accent rugs. We offer huge online home and patio furniture discounts to our customers in the US and Canada.  Why choose the Lamporia's brands? First of all, Lamporia's  exquisite furniture and elite lighting brands usa are handpicked by us as we personally want to make sure that each and every brand respects the desired quality standards and design tendencies. Also, as one of the top US furniture stores, the prices on Lamporia are very competitive, in comparison with other online stores and brick-and-mortar stores. This is achieved by shipping the products directly from the manufacturer to the customer’s door, which drastically reduces any unnecessary costs.
It is said that small details can make the difference, and when it comes to the elegance and personality of our home or office, things aren’t any different. There is no need to use a heavy design just to make sure that your home is unique in comparison with the others you have seen. All you need to do is use certain unique items, which are both simple and aesthetic. Since we will need light inside our home, why settle for lighting objects that are dull and ordinary, when you can easily enjoy quality lighting ones? You’re not sure where to find them? Why don’t you visit Lamporia.com, an upscale online shop that provides premium lamps and other beautiful items for your home décor and home furnishings? Here is the story of this shop.


Lamporia is a family-owned business, being created and run by the same group of people that work for achieving the same purpose. This purpose is to create the most gorgeous custom lighting pieces, home décor and home furnishing items and provide them to you. Even if the store is rather new on the market, this family isn’t, having more than 20 years of experience in home décor, interior design, and custom decorative lighting products. So, you can be sure that all the products you will find in the store will be picked carefully, respecting all the quality standards and interior design trends. It is enough to check out the product portfolio to see that these are not ordinary items. All the lamps, handmade crafts and décor items in the shop are elegant, unique, and full of personality, being easy to create an outstanding interior for your home. The lamps collections on Lamporia are impressive, as they contain real pieces of artworks not just items that hold a light bulb. Go through each category and see the available hanging lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, and mini lamps. Most certainly you will want to own several of these premium lamps.


But there is more to Lamporia than just premium lamps. The Lamporia provides home beautiful furnishing products and various items for interior & exterior decoration, all of them respecting the same principles and company’s policy concerning quality and genuineness. It is time to enjoy beautiful lamps that will make your home look like an art gallery, creating a welcoming ambiance and providing the light you need.

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